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“WrandomWriter was conceived in the warm writhing blankets of fertility… 
… Because brains bonded, and came together.” -WW

A Brief Beginning in Time… A WrandomWriter’s take on it.

All matter as our primate minds conceive of it was once concentrated into a nearly infinite point. This point inflated in an instant, and literally grew to universal proportions.

We've come collectively to call this inflation "the big bang."

This cosmic calamity was the genesis of all physical laws and properties of matter.

But it was not quick. It was not peaceful. It was chaos.

Multiple billions of years in the making, with matter created in an instant then destroyed even faster, it was disorder on a scale unfathomable.

But even chaos is bound by the cosmic laws universally written, so that eventually complete randomness caved to disorder.

And as the governing laws constrained matter's development, it would take on states most conducive to conserving energy. Forces push patterns into random space, providing the foundation for order...

Now here we are, a biological system - a brain - adrift the cold, cosmic blackout. We stand up as we ride our rock along the elliptical roads of the solar system. We put our eyes in small peepholes to see the other stars beyond our tiny city of the sun. We see many millions of stars among us, the other solar cities beyond our own, but our little country of stars sits inside the Milky Way. 

And the Milky Way is (in a way) an energetic bubble of order, and with respect to the chaos out of which it was carved out, a relatively safe one.

And much later, on a planetary surface we call Earth, we would find little bubbles of disorder atop a bipedal body plan, which we now call our brain.

Within our skull, electrical currents fired at random until the pathways they traveled along our neurons became the most conducive to our survival, and were then passed on.

Our brains are a means to balance the dangerous disorder of external environments, and our skull is the buffer, maintaining relative safety within.

Our very neurons are a conglomerate of chaos, but evolutionary time has bestowed some capacity to take control of the unfettered noise within. 

Patterns within the brain abound, but not all patterns preserve predictability. The human BRAIN is the most unpredictable structure that IT has discovered yet. We can thank socialization for that.

It’s randomness incarnate, our brain.

And later, it devised a way to preserve order...

… it developed writing. 

Absurd Beginnings

I’ve always been partial to absurdity.

I feel that as we near the high precipice of human knowledge, we’ll always wish to look down into the abyss, but fear at the very same time that it might reveal too much if we look closer. 

We might fall over that edge. We might find ourselves steeped in depths of understanding much too great for our primitive minds to grasp, so that we become uncomfortable merely trying… 

…this is some of the absurd.

The profound complexity of a single human brain paired with the wonderfully diverse collection of other social brains being amplified by an ever-growing digital web of still more minds is…

... AMAZING. And a bit absurd. 

But most absurd of all: we can communicate and share ideas and be confused and still seek to understand others DESPITE our creation out of pure chaos, disorder, and utter randomness.

And that's beginning to describe the idea of WrandomWriter.

I believe that brains are at their best when combined; collaboration yields more powerful content.

I believe that brains do form bonds, and therefrom BEST ideas are born.

I believe that our minds make random noises much of the time, but therefrom symphonies of ideas are synthesized. 

I know that the human mind is a social machine, running on the fuel of others’ fodder.

So it's the disordered pool of thought-noise in which our ideas swim, and each time we pull something out of that mess, we have controlled to some extent the chaos within our heads.

As a WrandomWriter, I welcome the ideas and thoughts and opinions of other humans. I want to bring ideas together to create philosophical fodder - the food for all of our minds.

We were all once adrift the emptiness of space as meaningless particulate matter. We were all once fundamental blocks used to build the structure of matter we know today. We were all once scattered throughout the cosmos amidst ultimate disorder. 

Yet all of our atoms became localized, so that we are all a part of each other and the universe simultaneously.

And despite the randomness, we found each other…

… we’re all WrandomWriters.

As WrandomWriters, we acknowledge that the human animal is imperfect, and we laugh at the mistakes made and ones that will be made. We laugh at disorder. We laugh at chaos. 

We acknowledge that our understanding of the cosmos is limited, but we cry tears of joy as CURIOSITY is preserved, which drives us to learn evermore. We smile at uncertainty.

WrandomWriters admire the absurd...

WE admire the absurd.

Above all, we must WRITE.

Your fellow friend and WrandomWriter,


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